GBKA Constitution


(as amended by the AGM of 2013)

1          The name of the Association is ‘The Gloucestershire Beekeepers Association’ (GBKA).

2           Objects: To promote and further the craft of beekeeping.

3          The GBKA shall be a member of the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) and may be affiliated to any other organisation connected with apiculture as decided by the Executive Committee (EC) of the GBKA.


4       Membership is open to anyone keeping bees or having an interest in the craft of beekeeping. Members of all categories shall be members of a Branch.  Membership shall comprise:

4.1       Full membership for those who keep bees in their own right and wish to take a full part in all of the aspects of the GBKA.  They shall pay an annual subscription.

4.2       Partner membership as defined by the BBKA capitation rules. They shall pay an annual subscription.

4.3       Honorary membership for those elected by the AGM for either a limited period or for life in recognition of past services to the GBKA.   The subscription is payable by the GBKA at the appropriate level for this category of membership.

4.4       Country Membership as defined by the BBKA capitation rules. They shall pay an annual subscription.

4.5        Junior membership as defined by the BBKA capitation rules. They shall pay an annual subscription.

4.6      If the Executive Committee of any branch decides that it is in the interests of the GBKA to do so, it may refuse membership to any person, or may refuse to renew an existing membership.

5          Termination of Membership: The EC shall have the right to terminate the membership of anyone who does not prove to be in accord with the aims of the GBKA or who acts in such a way as to bring the GBKA into disrepute.

6          The annual subscription for all members shall be payable in advance to cover the period from 1 October to 30 September of each financial year. Unless a motion is passed at the AGM, the subscription will be the same as in the previous year allowing for:

a. inflation in the parts that are retained by the GBKA centre and the branches.

b. any changes in BBKA capitation and Bee Disease Insurance.

The details including rounding will be agreed by the GBKA executive.


7          Voting and Other Rights

Honorary, Full and Partner members: –

7.1       Shall have the right to vote at any AGM and

Special Meeting (SGM).

7.2       May participate in all the activities of the GBKA and any of its branches.

7.3       Shall be eligible to become Officers of the GBKA, nominate others as officers and vote on all GBKA matters.

7.4       Shall be indirect members of the BBKA by virtue of the capitation paid annually on their behalf.


8          The GBKA is organised into branches covering geographical areas: Cheltenham & Gloucester, Cirencester & District, Dean Forest, Newent & District, North Cotswold, South Gloucestershire, Stroud.  The branches and their assets are integral parts of the GBKA.  Branches shall be established, amalgamated or closed down only by the decision of the EC of the GBKA.

9          The Management of the GBKA shall be vested in the EC that shall consist of  the Officers elected annually at the AGM: the President, the Vice President, the Treasurer, the County Secretary, the Editor of the GBKA Bulletins and Webmaster, the Education and Examination Secretary, the BBKA ADM and from each Branch one delegate as well as every Branch Treasurer and the Chair and Vice Chair of the EC. All of these must be honorary, full or partner members of the GBKA. These Executive members shall be the Charity Trustees provided they agree to be Trustees and provide the Officers with the details needed to register them with the Charity Commission. Only Trustees registered with the Charity Commission shall be entitled to vote. There will be one vote per head but if there is an equality of votes the person who is chairing the meeting shall have a casting vote in addition to any other s/he may have had.

10        Declaration of Interests. Trustees must make a declaration of interest on appointment and annually thereafter also if any matter comes up in which they might have an interest; this includes matters of business interest but also any business relationship with other Trustees, or relationship by blood or marriage.  In all cases Trustees, and especially the Chair, should make decisions objectively and purely on the basis of the best interests of the GBKA and the craft of beekeeping.

11        The EC shall meet at least 3 times annually.

12        The quorum shall be eight Trustees.

13        All members of the EC, saving the Chair, shall serve for one year but be eligible for re-election.  The Chairperson may hold that position for a maximum of two years.

14        At the first meeting of the EC after the AGM the previous Vice Chair may succeed to the Chair.  The Vice Chair of the EC is then elected by that meeting, the nominations and votes being handed to the Chair in writing.

15        The EC shall have the power to fill all vacancies occurring among the office bearers and co-opt any experts, advisers or any other persons as required, but such persons are not eligible to vote.

16        For specific matters of organisation or investigation the Trustees have the right to select a sub committee of 3 or more members, the decisions or actions of such to be non-active until ratified by a full EC meeting.  The County Secretary, Chair and Treasurer to be ex-officio members of any such committee.

17        The EC shall settle any controversies and questions arising under, but not provided in the Constitution and rules of the GBKA.

18       Notice of intention to resign from the EC should be given in writing to the Chair or County Secretary 4 weeks before the next scheduled meeting.


19       The AGM shall be held within 6 months of the association year-end.  Official notice shall be given in the preceding association news bulletin. At least fourteen clear days notice must be given to members.

20     Information for the AGM, which fulfils the reporting obligations of our Constitution, and as a Charity, will be made available to all members and other bodies at least 7 days before the AGM.

21      All nominations for addition to the Honorary or Life Membership and other resolutions to be moved at the AGM have to be sent in writing to the County Secretary no later than 28 days preceding the AGM. All proposals for resolution must be made available to the membership and other bodies at least 7 days prior to the AGM on the Agenda.

22     An SGM may be called at any time as soon as practicable as may be decided by the EC or shall be called by the County Secretary upon receipt of a requisition signed by 30 or more Full or Partner members; a quorum to be 20 of such members.

23     No resolution shall be moved at an SGM unless it has been sent in writing to the County Secretary to arrive not later than 14 days before the day of the SGM.

24     The business of the AGM is to approve the Accounts and Officers’ Reports, decide future policy and practice, approve honoraria and subscriptions for the following year including the amount retained by the Branches, and appoint Officers.

25     The County Secretary and Chair shall prepare an Annual Report on behalf of the Executive Council giving an account of the activities of the GBKA. The Treasurer shall prepare a Statement of Accounts, Income and Expenditure Accounts, details of Monetary and Non-Monetary Assets and Liabilities drawn up in compliance with the requirements of the Charity Commissioners pertaining at that time. These accounts shall be independently examined.  Both the Report and the Statement of Accounts shall be presented at the AGM.

26     Should the Chair close the AGM without the completion of its business the County Secretary shall arrange for an SGM within 2 months.


27        Out-of-pocket expenses incurred by Officers of the GBKA shall be reimbursed by the Treasurer on receipt of signed statements or receipts.

28        Cheques are to be signed by two signatories.  The mandated signatories (a minimum of three) shall be selected by the EC from among the Trustees.

29        The Trustees of the GBKA, the Members of the E.C. and its sub-committees, all appointed or elected Officers of the GBKA (or their personal representatives and estates) for the time being acting in relation to any affairs of the GBKA, shall be indemnified out of the assets of the GBKA from and against all legal costs and damages that they may incur or sustain in the execution of their duties on behalf of the GBKA. They will not be so indemnified if they incur or sustain such losses by reason of their own wilful neglect or dishonesty. In this context the individuals so covered shall not be answerable for the consequential liabilities of the acts of any other Trustee, Member or Officer.

30        If upon the winding up of the GBKA there remains after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities any property whatsoever, the same shall be transferred to some other charitable institution or institutions having a similar objective to the GBKA.


31     This Constitution, once accepted by a GBKA AGM, shall be submitted to the Charity Commission and shall be effective from the first Executive meeting after that date.

32     No alteration of this constitution or rules may be made except by a majority of the votes at a General Meeting and any such proposed alteration must have been notified on the Agenda of any such meeting.   The amended Constitution or Rules must then be submitted to the Charity Commission within 21 days.


1          A Branch shall elect at its AGM a Committee that shall include a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Branch Secretary, and committee members and a delegate to the EC who may be an EC member.  The Branch Committee shall meet at least twice a year in addition to the Branch AGM. Minutes of all meetings shall be recorded. A quorum at the Branch AGM shall be at least 5 members or 10% of the Branch membership, whichever is the greater.

2          The branch EC shall have the power to fill all vacancies occurring among the office bearers and co-opt any experts, advisers or any other persons as required, but such persons are not eligible to vote.

3          Branch Committees shall be responsible to the EC for their respective Branches and for the working of the Branch in an economical and businesslike manner and shall carry out the instructions issued from time-to-time by the EC. The Branch Committees shall collect all subscriptions on behalf of the GBKA and shall be responsible for any expenses incurred in executing the work of GBKA in their respective Branches.

4          Cheques are to be signed by two signatories.  The mandated signatories (a minimum of three) shall be selected by the EC.

5          The Branch shall be represented at the EC by its Treasurer and elected Branch Delegate (who must be Honorary, Full or Joint Members) appointed by the Branch AGM.

6          The Branch Officers shall prepare an annual report giving particulars of meetings, lectures and demonstrations given in the area during the past year, and other matters of interest and present this to the Branch AGM. At this meeting the Treasurer shall present a scrutinised Income and Expenditure Accounts and statements of Monetary and Non-Monetary Assets and Liabilities, drawn up in compliance with the requirements of the Charity Commissioners pertaining at that time and consistent with the format of the GBKA accounts as set out by the County Treasurer.

By November 30th the Branch Secretary shall forward to the County Secretary copies of the following:

6.1       A list of Committee Members elected at the Branch AGM.

6.2       A typed Annual Report (with any additions made thereto at the meeting).

6.3       A copy of the Branch Annual Accounts.

7          The following year’s program of events should be sent to the Bulletin Editor by the end of December.


1      The proposed Agenda for the AGM, the Annual Report and the Treasurer’s Annual Report including the Statement of Accounts shall be submitted to the Executive meeting immediately prior to the AGM along with any other items that it is proposed to be included in the Year Book.