2018 NBU Western Region Annual Report

2018 Western Region Annual Report

Prepared by our Regional Bee Inspector Colin Pavey.

A few highlights

  • Gloucestershire has 833 beekeepers, 1235 apiaries and 4944 colonies – almost double the number of colonies compared with our neighbouring counties in the Western region.
  • The level of European Foulbrood (EFB) reported has halved in 2018 (9 colonies) compared with last year.
  • There were no reports of American Foulbrood (AFB) and the area has been AFB free since 2015.
  • There were no reports of Asian Hornet in the Gloucestershire area this year, although there were nine confirmed sightings in England. Two nests were located and destroyed in Cornwall (primary and secondary nests) and two in Hampshire. The others were isolated sightings. All beekeepers are urged to remain vigilant with the possibility of new sightings next Spring. Details of how to report a sighting are included in Colin’s report.
  • The UK remains free of Small Hive Beetle. In Europe, it remains restricted to Southern Italy where it was originally found in 2014.
  • The report includes links on the legal requirements to import or export bees.