Gloucestershire Beekeepers Association

A warm welcome to Gloucestershire Beekeepers Association (GBKA). New members of all ages and experience are welcome to join us.

GBKA is a registered charity with the principal objective of promoting and furthering the craft of beekeeping. GBKA has been doing this for over 100 years and has members from all over Gloucestershire and its neighbouring counties.

GBKA is a member organisation of the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA), the national organisation that provides a wide range of services to beekeepers including insurance, information, newsletters, examination programmes and legal advice.

The seven Branches of GBKA support beekeepers in their area and run their own programmes of meetings, talks, and training sessions. GBKA members can attend the meetings of any Branch.


  • February, 2024

    Friday 9th
    Wye Valley Meadery by Matt NewellC&G BKA, Uckington Village Hall, GL51 9SR
    Thursday 15th
    Which apiary is best – out, home or multiple? by Adam ParkerZoom – Dean Forest BKA
    Saturday 17th
    10:00 – 16:00
    Spring Lecture Day, County AGM and Honey ShowMaisemore Village Hall, Church Rd, Maisemore, Gloucestershire, GL2 8JE

    March, 2024

    Friday 8th
    Apitherapy, B & Bee Apipods by Charlotte BlacklerC&G BKA, Uckington Village Hall, GL51 9SR
    Tuesday 12th
    Bee Improvement by Selective Breeding and NBIP by Jo Widdicombe (BIBBA)Virtual meeting (SBKA)
    Thursday 21st
    Himalayan Balsam by Nicky MooreDean Forest BKA
    The Main Place, Old Station Way, Coleford GL16 8RH
    Thursday 28th
    Varroa control by ‘The Apiarist’Newent BKA, Zoom broadcast to Newent Community Centre, GL18 1BD

    April, 2024

    Friday, 12th
    Bee’s eye view of Beekeeping by Andy WillsC&G BKA, Uckington Village Hall, GL51 9SR
    Friday 12th to Sunday 14th150th Anniversary 
    BBKA Spring Convention
    Harper Adams University, Shropshire TF10 8NB

    May, 2024

    Friday, 10th
    Small to large scale queen rearing (colony management) by Marin AnastasovC&G BKA, Uckington Village Hall, GL51 9SR
    Sunday 12thGBKA Auction – details to followWestbury on Severn Parish Hall


  • GBKA Auction

    The GBKA auction will take place on Sunday, 12th of May 2024 at the Parish Hall, Westbury-on-Seven. Further details to follow.

  • GBKA spring lecture day & AGM

    This year’s AGM will be hosted by Newent Beekeepers on February 17th at the Maisemore Village Hall, Church Rd., Maisemore, Gloucestershire, GL2 8JE. Three exiting speakers are lined up to discuss Honeybee communication, the latest knowledge on the potential threat of the Tropilaelaps mite and an intriguing insight into the secret world of wasps. For…

Do you have land suitable for bees or an apiary?

If so please contact your local GBKA association secretary here.

National Bee Unit News

  • We have updated our fact sheet entitled ‘Estimating Varroa mite populations’. This document details three step-by-step methods for monitoring Varroa mites in hives; counting the natural mite drop, uncapping drone brood and the ethanol-wash method. 
  •  05/04/2024Please note that we have temporarily removed the login page that allows beekeepers to access their personal details and apiary records. We are currently investigating a fault, but the page will be up and running again once we have rectified the problem. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 


  • Asian Hornet presentations by Andrew Durham: Asian Hornet The Beekeepers' Guide – Integrated Control in the Apiary   Asian Hornet Beekeepers Guide – The Hornet & The Honey Bee      Asian Hornet Beekeepers Guide – Integrated Control in the Area Around the Apiary     Asian Hornet Beekeepers Guide – The Electric Harp plus Additional […]
  • In 2024 all member Associations and Branches have been given the opportunity to plant sesquicentennial trees in their apiaries, funded by the BBKA as part of the 150 year celebrations.  Honey bees, bumblebees and many other species depend on trees for food, and the BBKA trees will last well into the future – even another […]
  • BBKA Leaflets to Purchase and/or Download Order Form for Leaflets Allotment Beekeeping (L030)                           The Bees & Wasps in your Garden (L024)                                     Please download here.      […]
  • Useful Websites & Other Information Document produced by Ian Campbell listing websites and other sources of useful information. Useful update from the Natural History Museum:  https://www.nhm.ac.uk/discover/why-asian-hornets-are-bad-news-for-british-bees.html Asian Hornet Traps to Make or Buy PDF File Resources by Gillian Turner All documents kindly provided by Gillian Turner, member of Wokingham & District Beekeepers Association.  A Beekeepers […]
  • This information is intended as a starting point for those who find themselves with a feral honey bee colony which has set up home within the fabric of a building or structure. It is important to firstly identify if the bees in question are indeed honey bees by looking at our identification page.            […]
  • Useful documents for Asian Hornet Teams: Asian Hornet Risk Assessment Protocol for Spring Trapping of AH Queens Protocol for Asian Hornet Monitoring Traps BBKA Insurance FAQs 'Asian Hornet Monitoring & Trapping' Guidance leaflet written for the BBKA by Alan Baxter, Sarah Bunker and Chloe Underwood   PDF File 'How to Track Asian Hornets' Instruction leaflet […]