Gloucestershire Beekeepers Association

GBKA is a registered charity with the principal objective of promoting and furthering the craft of beekeeping. GBKA has been doing this for over 100 years and has members from all over Gloucestershire and its neighbouring counties.

GBKA is a member organisation of the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA), the national organisation that provides a wide range of services to beekeepers including insurance, information, newsletters, examination programmes and legal advice.

The seven Branches of GBKA support beekeepers in their area and run their own programmes of meetings, talks, and training sessions. GBKA members can attend the meetings of any Branch.

Lastest News

Fascinating video insight into honeybee behaviour

A recent paper by Paul Seifert and colleagues provides a fascinating insight into many different aspects of honeybee behaviour. Video recordings of cross-sections of cells in an observation hive reveal how the queen lays eggs, the eggs hatch, the larvae are fed, spin a cocoon and the cells capped. Other aspects of honeybee behaviour include …

GBKA spring lecture day & AGM

This year’s AGM will be a virtual event on Zoom. Three exiting speakers are lined up to give an update on the National Honey Monitoring Scheme, advise on preparing exhibits for Honey Shows and a pictorial quiz and guide to honey bee diseases and disorders.

GBKA Auction – 2021

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic, and uncertainty regarding the ability to safely hold the GBKA auction usually scheduled for May, the Executive Committee has decided to cancel this year’s auction.


January 2021

Thursday 7th19:30Dean Forest BKA – Zoom meeting
Polyandry. Heather Mills
Friday 8th19:30Cheltenham & Gloucester BKA – Zoom meeting
Beehive air science or sorcery. Chris Parks
Wednesday 13th19:30North Cotswolds BKA – Zoom meeting
Bee stings. Julia Pigott
Thursday 28th19:30Newent BKA – Zoom meeting
Wax processing – from frames to candle bowls. Isabelle Green

February 2021

Wednesday 10th19:30North Cotswold BKA – Zoom meeting
Queen rearing for hobbyist beekeepers. Dave Bonner
Friday 12th19:30Cheltenham & Gloucester BKA – Zoom meeting
Feeding bees. Celia Davis
Saturday 20thGBKA – Zoom meeting
Gloucestershire BKA – Spring Lecture Day & AGM

March 2021

Wednesday 10th19:30North Cotswold BKA – Zoom meeting
Better queens for better colonies. Robert Poole
Friday 12th19:30Cheltenham & Gloucester BKA – Zoom meeting
Raising your own queens. Jim Vivian-Griffiths
Tuesday 16thSouth Gloucestershire BKA – Zoom meeting
The beekeeping year in Sweden. Lotta Fabricius Kristiansen

May 2021

MayGBKA Auction – Cancelled
Friday 14th19:30Cheltenham & Gloucester BKA – Zoom meeting
Swarm prevention. Ken Basterfield
Friday 28th19:00Basic Assessment Preparation
Zoom meeting – BBKA events