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Beekeeping project creates a buzz at University of Gloucestershire

from our May 2014 Bulletin for members.  Picture: Paul Nicols

 A NEW building in Cheltenham will be a hive of learning – in more ways than one. The …

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The Life of Bumblebees

Bumblebees are social insects that are characterized by black and yellow body hairs, often in bands. However, some species have orange or red on their bodies, or may be entirely black. Their legs are also black. Another obvious characteristic is the soft nature of the hair, called pile that covers their entire body, making …

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Bee stings

If anyone gets stung by a bee they will find that it hurts, which is hardly surprising as bees have had millions of years to perfect an effective defence mechanism. Unlike wasps, which have carnivorous young, bees aren’t out to kill you; they want you to go away. A bee usually gets ripped in half when it …

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Bees, did you know?

Fossils of the honey bee date back 150 million years!

Bees know to tilt their comb slightly up so the honey stays in

One bee will only collect about ½ teaspoon of honey in its life

A beehive has up to 50,000 bees in it, 98 per cent of them are female workers

To …

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Hartpury Bee Shelter

The published histories were all agreed, the Bee Shelter was medieval, built for the convent of Holy Trinity at Caen in Normandy. The stone came from Caen and the honey and wax when harvested were taken there. The fascinating structure comprised 28 stone recesses or boles supported on Tudor arches ?Tudor? – ?medieval? the …

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