GBKA Auction 2019

The 2019 GBKA Auction will be held on Saturday 18th May at its new location at the Royal Agricultural University, Stroud Road, Cirencester, Gloucestershire GL7 6SJ.

RAU Where to find us

Auction sellers formto be completed if you would like to sell any items in the auction

GBKA live bees auction – Entry form – to be completed if you have live bees to auction

GBKA Live Bees Auction Lot Card – available on the day to summarise the condition of any colonies of live bees received for auction

Rules of GBKA Auction

The Auction of Equipment will start at 12 noon and the Auction of Live Bees will start at 3pm. Lots will be taken from 8.00am to 11am ON THE DAY. Live Bees to be entered by 10.30am, and please no wet comb. All lots must be removed by 6pm. Refreshments will be available on site.

General Enquiries: Bernie Danvers (01594) 825063

Lot Enquiries: Bernie Danvers (01594) 825063


If you plan to bring live bees to sell, you must have your colonies inspected by your Regional/Seasonal Bee Inspector (see contact details below) before bringing them to the Auction, as required by Conditions 10 and 11 of the Auction Rules (which you can download above) and complete Live Bees Entry Forms.

Get to the Auction early and get a Sellers Form (you can download it using the link above) to list the items you are selling. You need to put a description of the goods and any reserve price if you want. Give the form to a steward. Your goods will then get given a lot number and it will be fixed onto the goods. At the end of the auction check to see if all your goods have been sold. If there are items of yours that have not been sold then you must take them away.

Your money for your goods less 12.5% will be sent to you by cheque within 45 days from the day of the Auction.
If you are not sure about the lots you have for selling please phone Bernie Danvers in the evening on 01594 825063 and he will assure you on them.

Regional Bee Inspector

Colin Pavey

Mobile: 07775 119471

Seasonal Bee Inspector

Elizabeth Gardner

Mobile: 07867 351610


On entry get yourself a Bidders card with a number on it. No one else will have that number except you. No bids can be taken without a bidder’s card. You must show this card when lots are knocked down to you.

You can now go and have a look at the lots and see what you want to buy. At 12 noon the auctioneer will start the auction, and you can bid for the lots you want.

Carry on bidding on all your lots you want to bid for. You can’t settle up until you have finished all your bidding. When you have finished take your bidders card to the main office and pay for your goods. There is no Auction commission to pay on top of the goods you are buying. You can pay by cash or cheque. You must then give up your bidders’ card.

You can now go and get your lots and have them checked, and ticked off your receipt by security so you can take them home.